Thursday, August 15, 2013

MDGs, Tuloy sa Don Bosco, A2A, by John Alexander Kerr

Last Monday, August 12, we have another American guest speaker, a friend of our clubmates Mike Michener and Patty Mangundatu, fellow Rotarian, John Alexander Kerr, of RC Alabang. He is seated 2nd from right, between First Class President Meann de Leon and Assistant Governor Chary Misa. Venue was Metro Club, Rockwell, Makati.

John talked about the Millenium Development Goals (MDGs), Tuloy sa Don Bosco Foundation, and his company, A2A Management Services Corp., where he is the CEO. John is also a Board Director and Trustee of Tuloy Foundation.

The portion that I like most in his talk was the Aquaponics project of Tuloy. It is aquaculture + hydroponics farming. The water where the fish swim contains fish manure and other organic wastes. The water is siphoned to a tank and is used in the hydroponics farm for various vegetables. The plants used the organic waste from the fish, plus other minerals added to the water for specific needs by specific vegetables. The water is then siphoned to another tank, filtered, and is used back to the aquaculture tank. Really cool.

The awarding of Certificate of Appreciation, by President Meann de Leon. They were joined by IPP Rose Antonio (leftmost) and AG Chary Misa (rightmost).

The usual group picture, before the formal adjournment of the meeting.

AG Chary reiterated an earlier announcement she made a few weeks ago, that the Governor's visit to our club plus two other clubs in the Taguig-Pateros cluster, will be on September 2, Monday, 6pm down. It will be held at RC Makati Foundation building, just at the back of Metro Club.

When John and his assistant, Hazel, left, fellowships began. Another round of picture taking.

Mike brought a booze, don't know what it was, with milk cream on top, just one shot for each of us...

Cheers! Kampai! Prost!

(Photo Credits: IPP Rose Antonio and Era Eguia)

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Joiint Meeting with RC Rizal West and RC Makati Edsa

Last Thursday, August 08, 2013, was our club's first joint meeting with other clubs in the District this rotary with RC Rizal West (RCRW, our "mother club") and RC Makati Edsa, held at the Makati Sports Club. The topic was "Rotary in Action: RCRW Projects in the Avenues of Service".

The three First Class Presidents with guest from RC Singapore. The latter is a sister club of RCRW for many years now. President Meann de Leon on the left.

The program.

There were four speakers that night, all from RCRW. The first speaker was PP Fritz Ocampo and he talked how they were able to convert an abandoned, half-finished building in Upper Bicutan into a busy structure with lots of health, education, livelihood and other community projects and activities.

Second speaker was PP Elsa Villanueva and she talked about their club's various educational, literacy and other community projects.

The two other speakers were PP Jules Nidea and PP Andy Pages.
Below, group photo with members and officers of the three clubs plus guest from RC Singapore and his family.

Our club group picture, with PDG Billy Villareal and guest from RC Singapore.

Another group picture during the fellowships after the formal meeting.
After the formal meeting, there was a fellowship.There were several singing and dancing numbers, funny. Here, some women from the 3 clubs singing "Dancing Queen" by Abba.

During my term as Club President in RY 2006-2007, we held 3 or 4 joint meetings with RCRW. My classmate that time was PP Boboy Intal. RCRW is very kind to its "daughter clubs" like ours.

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Saturday, August 03, 2013

Fellowship, After Four Club Talks

After four consecutive Monday nights of club talks on different topics by different speakers, our club President, First Class President Meann de Leon called for a fellowship. Instead of last Monday night, she scheduled it last Thursday night at Music 21 in Makati. The talks last month were:

Classification Talk by Dr. Jed Inciong, July 12, 2013
My Classification Talk, on Mining Taxation, July 19, 2013 

John Walker on Strengthening Corporate Security, July 24, 2013

I came late, around 8:30pm, and the guys were already having great fun. 
Below, from left: Arnan, brother of Past President Norlan de Leon, sister of President Meann, Meann, IPP Rose Antonio, Mike Michener, Patty Mangundatu, Past President Niel Antonio, Norlan... 

Below, from left: Patty, PP Niel, PP Norlan, PP Jed Inciong, Henry Villa, Marco Pagaduan, Jun Mendoza.

Later we moved to a bigger room as PE Daryl Cabato and wife also joined us. This big room can accommodate probably 25 people. There are three tv screens to read and sing the lyrics.

President-Elect (PE) Daryl Cabato (middle, with jacket) and wife.
Fellowships are encouraged in Rotary -- no serious meetings, no speakers, just loosen up, sing and dance, things we cannot do during regular meetings.

I also belted out a few songs, President Meann dancing :-)

Patty, holding the microphone, is a great singer. She used to sing at some hotel bars. Her voice is really great and terrific. I kidded that we saved money getting a professional singer to give us really good songs.

Thank you for that wonderful night, President Meann and clubmates. 

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Thursday, August 01, 2013

Popularizing Rotary’s Projects and Events

Among the most high profile legacies of Immediate Past President (IPP) Rose Antonio to the club is having a facebook group with the biggest number of likes among the 88 clubs in RI District 3830.  Yes, while other clubs much bigger than ours have facebook likes of below 500, even below 100, ours has 1,818 likes as of this writing. This means that same number of people, Rotarians or non-Rotarians, can see updates about our club if they regularly check their facebook accounts.

One positive result of this is that a number of professionals and businessmen in Taguig or nearby cities have expressed interest in joining the club. They see the regular updates, photos especially, of where the Club went to, the fellowships and community projects, club talk with resource speakers, participation in District activities, and so on.

IPP Rose has exercised prudence in selecting who among those who wrote to her saying they want to join the club, deserve a response. Because there are obvious applicants who only want to spam the club members with the various business projects that they are selling.

So far, four new Club members have passed through the insightful scrutiny of IPP Rose’s eyes. They have been invited to the club meetings, we have interacted with them, shared with them our professional background and activities, and so far so good. So the Club has decided to officially let them in. The nearly-inducted members were Era Eguia, a finance staff of a European bank, Mike Michener, a “life coach” and counselor; Daryl CAbato, an agribusiness trader, and Henry Villa, a customs broker.

The entry of these four new clubmates plus about three other new members has expanded the classification membership of our club. Whereas before, many members are in the construction-related businesses, now we have members doing professional and entrepreneurial work in banking, life counseling, life insurance, agribusiness trading, freight forwarding, glass fabrication, human resources, medical practice, think tank, and so on. This expanding mixture of club membership in different fields will be reflected further in future club community and youth projects.

Rotary has lots and lots of community projects spanning various sectors – in healthcare, housing, education and youth training, water and sanitation, livelihood and community development, environmental conservation, and so on. RI District 3830 is one of those in the forefront in various big humanitarian projects among the 10 RI Districts in the Philippines, and even among other districts in neighboring Asian countries.

The rainy season has started in the country and we already saw lots of flooding in Metro Manila and surrounding provinces, down to Mindanao. Helping those who are affected by heavy flooding will become a repeated activity of Rotarians and other civic organizations in the country, usually up to November.

We cannot give what we do not have. Since such community projects will require funding, in cash or in kind, we need to raise funds for the club from our friends, aside from pulling out resources from our own pockets from time to time.

These and many other  activities need to be publicized and popularized to other people, especially the non-Rotarians. We are non-politicians or government officials who bask in media limelight for political and even personal gratification. We just do these things out of pure and sincere help to our less privileged brothers and sisters, and still have fun via fellowships with like-minded professionals and businessmen.

This Rotary Year 2013-2014, I have been assigned by First Class President Meann de Leon, to be the Club Public Relations (PR) Director. My role is to help popularize and announce to the District and the public at large, our various Club and District activities, especially related to community assistance and development in poorer or calamity-affected areas.

With a dynamic club leadership backed up by committed and fun-seeking members and other Past Presidents, plus a dynamic support by the District leadership headed by First Class Governor Robert Kuan, there is little doubt that our Club can expand further both in membership and in various community projects this Rotary Year.

Cheers clubmates and friends. And more power to First Class President Meann and Governor Robert.

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