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Peace Governor Sue Sta. Maria

This is an Accomplishment Report by District Governor Sue Sta. Maria of RI District 3830. She posted this today in her facebook page, reposting here. I made this small compilation of photos. First row, with incoming District Governor Robert Kuan. Second row, with District Governor Nominee (DGN, after Gov. Robert's term) Lito Colona. Regular Governor's Aide Paul Chang behind Gov. Sue. With Past District Governor Sonny Coloma.

Third row, with my sister Marycris Oplas, who is the District Secretary, DisCon 2013 Chairperson, clubmate and close friend of Gov. Sue. And with Techie de la Cruz, my classmate as Lead President in RY 2006-07 and Governor's Aide this year, and Past President Baby Bunye.

Compact and well-written report, Gov. Sue. Congratulations for a dynamic and productive Rotary Year, cheers.


“… as vintage wine
From fine old kegs
From the brim to the dregs
It poured sweet and clear
It was a very good year”

-Ervin Drake

On June 8, 2013, I handed over the mantle of leadership of Rotary International District 3830 (Makati, Paranaque, Taguig, Pateros, Muntinlupa, Las Pinas and Palawan) to District Governor-Elect Robert Kuan in accordance with the traditions of our great district. By now almost all of our Peace Presidents would have turned over their presidential responsibilities to the club presidents of RY 2013-2014.

Many of our Peace Presidents became Rotary Club President “by accident”, or were hesitant to be one because of the daunting challenges that usually come with the position. Today, not one of them regrets to have accepted the position. The sacrifices were great, but the Peace Presidents left a good year of memories for the clubs they led.

It was a very good year.

As I always say, the Peace Presidents are a beautiful breed of Rotarians who were ready to take on new challenges. They are intelligent, responsible, committed, hardworking, resilient and competent. They are sincere, candid and straightforward. They inspire, nurture and deserve trust. They are creative and imaginative. They are go-getters and trend-setters. They are affectionate and warm. They have big hearts and have transformed the lives of many individuals and communities through their service. They work seriously but they are fun to be with. Laughter comes easily to this group.

If it is of any comfort to the club presidents, a governor goes through the same apprehensions than any club president goes through. Plans and preparations are made, without the assurance that things will turn out as dreamed or planned. Thankfully, all except one district event came through with great success.

Here are some of the accomplishments in Rotary Year 2012-2013, grouped in two categories: 1) new accomplishments, and 2) initiatives that are not new in the district but performed significantly well.

New accomplishments:

1. Three-Year Strategic Plan: We initiated the installation of Three-Year Strategic Plans in the clubs in accordance with the RI Strategic Plan. These are in place in more than 90% of the clubs. The strategic plan required the clubs to think long-term and create a vision for the future of the club. For this, I thank Rennie Andrews who led the Club Strategic Planning Committee and her deputies Mon Escueta and Dennis Decena. I also thank our fourteen (14) Assistant Governors for their commitment to see this through: Cynthia Reyes, Ace Tolentino, Jaz Rodriguez, Ricky Santos, Manny David, Junjun Abcede, Bobot Ramos, Mayet Ramos, Baby Vale, Danny Abinoja, Sonny Tambunting Sr., Jojo Josol, Art Israel and Rohina Sarra. I thank AG Danny Abinoja for creating the template that most clubs used.

2. Guiding Principles of Rotary: We espoused a return to the Guiding Principles of Rotary, as we felt that the clubs had become activity-driven and many recruits in the past years had not been made aware of the advocacies for which Rotary stands. Club-level training initiatives on the Guiding Principles were amazingly creative. For this I thank the Club Trainers, Rotary Academy Executive Director Rennie Andrews and her Rotary Academy team, in particular Marge Lamberte for her well-thought-out training modules. I also thank Recognition Programs Chair EAG Chochit Tobias and his team.

3. CTAG (Club Trainers’ Action Group): CTAG was established by Rotary Academy to encourage the fellowship and training of Club Trainers. I thank Executive Director of Rotary Academy, Rennie Andrews.

4. FB Reporting: Rtn JP de la Vega of RC Makati Dasmarinas and EAG Chochit Tobias introduced a centralized electronic reporting and archiving system through Facebook, with the objective of eliminating paper reports and the loss of files from one club president to the next, using a system that many Rotarians use on a day-to-day basis.

5. Huge Quality Assemblies organized by the Clubs (Peace Forums): The clubs organized assemblies with amazing aplomb and quality as never before seen in our district, with peace as the theme. For these, I recognize Peace President Liza Mapagu and her team for organizing a multi-approach peace awareness program for more than 1,000 attendees, with a quality that equals the DISCONs of districts. I likewise recognize Peace President Sugus Legazi and his team for “Creative Minds/Creative Leaders”, the first of its kind in the district, and “Peace Tayo/KP2K” which creatively taught the 4-way-test to more than 1,000 indigent children. Peace President Ed Antonio organized a 3,000-strong peace forum for the youth in Puerto Princesa.

6. Rotary Homes Muntinlupa: An agreement was initiated this year between the City of Muntinlupa and Rotary Homes for the establishment of Rotary Homes Muntinlupa through the assistance of PP Baby Bunye. Construction in the new location will be supervised by PDG Herman Gamboa and will operate under the centralized leadership of Rotary Homes led by PDG Sid Garcia. The second location augments Rotary Homes Paranaque. This will hopefully lead to more Rotary Homes in other areas in the district.

7. Highest Youth Attendance in Assemblies: We recorded the highest attendance in the district’s history for youth assemblies, at the District Rotaract-Interact Assembly (DRIA) 2013 and the 3,000-strong peace forum for the youth in Puerto Princesa. For these, I thank DCC for Youth Service Nestor del Rosario, the Rotary Club of Las Pinas led by Peace President Rudy Trinidad, and the Rotary Club of Puerto Princesa led by Peace President Ed Antonio.

8. Smallest Number of Clubs Below 25: In membership, this Rotary Year registered the least number of clubs with less than 25 members in the past 5 years. The number of clubs with less than 20 charter membership strength was reduced from 31 to 23. The number of clubs with less than 25 members was reduced from 17 to 10. (Source: Rotary International Membership Reports). I thank Senior Assistant Governor Cora Tan who inspired the club presidents on the need to achieve charter strength.

9. Highest Number of TRF-Contributing Clubs: The number of contributing clubs to The Rotary Foundation was at a record high of 90% as never before seen in our district. This achievement was greatly helped by the efforts of our TRF Committee Chair RIDE Guiller Tumangan in his campaign for EREY, and of DG Robert Kuan and incoming TRF Chair Ed Alvarez in their campaign for TRF contributions of the incoming club presidents in order to qualify for the title, “First Class”. Incoming TRF Chair Ed Alvarez expects the contributing clubs to reach 100%. Per capita giving increased from $84.25 in May 2012 to $88.93 in May 2013 (Source: Regional Information Bulletin June 2013 Vol. 6 No. 12 released by Rotary International South Pacific & Philippines Office). These contributions will help thousands of beneficiaries around the world.

10. Recognition of Spouses’ Contributions: For the first time, the district adopted RI’s recognition program for spouses and partners, a globally competitive awards program based on proposals from the clubs. The first awardee in District 3830 is Spouse Sandra Gonzales (to Rtn Creighton of the Rotary Club of Makati East). The district also recognized other spouses and couples who contributed to the club and the district. For this, I thank RI Awards Chair CP Lina Hilario.

11. District Awards 2013: District Awards 2013 had a grace and style never before seen for such an event in our district. District Awards 2013 was produced under the baton of Program Director Mayet Ramos and Chairs Edna Sutter and Sam Lim. The flowers onstage were arranged by the famous Tony Adriano. Good buffet food was provided by Timberland and AIM. Wine flowed.

The program was conceptualized by CP Techie de la Cruz, PP Mayet Ramos, EAG Chochit Tobias and Musical Director Edward Lamberte. The visuals and program flow were executed by Rtn Dong Cabazor, event manager and member of CP Edna’s club.

The event was made unique by the visuals, a 30-piece-orchestra, and the beautiful song numbers rendered by the Peace Presidents. The song, “This is the Moment” was rendered by Peace Presidents Philip Nazareno, Sugus Legazpi, Bien Mallari, Jun Aquino, Ryan Barcelo, Roger Miranda and Hilbert Flor. Not to be outdone, the women Peace Presidents, Helen Oafallas, Len Makalintal, Venus Lopa and Venus Baguyo rendered their own song, “Simply the Best”. The Peace Presidents sang “Seasons of Love” (from “Rent”) with solo parts by Rosemarie Halpin, Len Makalintal, Helen Oafallas, Venus Lopa and Jeffrey Nisnisan.

12. An Elegant Yearbook, “Our Rotary Moments”: The Peace Presidents produced a Yearbook, “Our Rotary Moments”, in celebration of their personal thoughts on how Rotary has enriched their lives. The book’s contents, photography, layout and cover design speak of the Peace Presidents’ elegance. The yearbook is a hands-on project of the Peace Presidents. Its Editorial Board is composed of Presidents Liza Mayuga, Philip Nazareno, Gil Turgo, Johnny Pecayo and Hazel Zaballero.

13. And last but not the least, the First Club Merger: We led the first club merger in the history of the district, with RC Makati Urdaneta and RC Paranaque Southeast forging the members’ friendships. It is a merger of two clubs with bold and forthright personalities. The merger was a realization of an active campaign for mergers initiated since several years ago, but which no club dared to take heretofore.

Not new in the district but which were performed significantly well:

1. District Citations: Executive Assistant Governor Chochit Tobias and his team designed a much improved performance evaluation system, the District Citations, which encouraged self-measurement against defined standards, and provided an equal playing field among the clubs regardless of size. It is a good system that can serve as an excellent framework for future evaluation systems.

2. PETS 2012: PETS 2012 was a huge achievement. Hesitant presidents nailed their commitments to the club presidency because of the PETS program. The PETS became personally memorable to many club presidents. The food at Timberland Heights was sumptuous. For this, I thank PETS Chairs Chochit Tobias and Raffy Aquino, professional trainer PP Doodz Policarpio, Timberland GM Mayet Ramos, and our eminent set of speakers.

3. Visit to Palawan Clubs in Brooke’s Point and Narra: We visited the clubs in the remote locations in Brooke’s Point and Narra (some of our governors visited the clubs in these locations from the old District 3810). We are very happy that we did so. I thank Peace President Hermie Brion for providing our helicopter ride, and the team from Metro Manila that came with me.

4. Mandatory Training Events: Our mandatory training events were well-planned and well-attended. The District Team Training Seminar (DTTS) was led by PP/Assistant Governor Mayet Ramos. The Assistant Governors’ Training was conducted by a professional, Yvette Wells-Nazareno. The District Assembly (DISTAS) was conducted by DGND Pepz Bengzon. The combined Membership and Public Relations Seminars was jointly organized by Senior Assistant Governors Cora Tan and Tony Chong. The TRF Seminar was led by PDG Guiller Tumangan shortly before his election as RI Director. Midyear Review was handled by PP Chacha Camacho and Maridel Villavicencio. DISCON launch was executed by PP Met Saludo and DISCON Chiar/DS Marycris Oplas. The launch of the RI Convention was done during the Christmas Party organized by PP Rachel Ocampo and President Mache Torres.

5. Leadership Development: Rotary Academy conducted several modules of the Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) with past district governors from District 3780 as facilitators. The program increased the number and knowledgeability of our Rotary leaders and trainers. For these, I thank RLI Philippines Chair Sonny Coloma, Rotary Academy Executive Director Rennie Andrews and Leadership Development Chair Lina Hilario.

6. Service Projects: Many of the clubs’ service projects were outstanding in the avenues of service and the areas of focus. Our clubs were fortunate to be led by very competent leaders in the avenues of service: Edna Sutter (DCC Club Service), Harry Dacumos (DCC Community Service), Nestor del Rosario (DCC Youth Service), Ador Tolentino (DCC Vocational Service) and Jay Tambunting (DCC International Service).

7. “Ethics In Management” and “Buhay Na Buhay Na Kabuhayan”: DCC Ador Tolentino organized a series of talks conducted by professional trainer PP Doodz Policarpio on “Ethics in Management” which was well-attended by Rotarians and their business teams. “Buhay na Buhay na Kabuhayan” showcased a creative mix of livelihood opportunities.

8. RCC DISTAS: DCC Community Service Harry Dacumos and President Tanya Lumanlan organized an exceptionally well-run assembly of the RCC officers that emphasized community leadership, livelihood opportunities and the value of cooperatives.

9. Youth Cultural Exchange Team (YCET): CP Mong Canizares performed the herculean task of organizing the Youth Cultural Exchange Team (YCET) program with the Korean youth visitors from District 3620 at short notice. We also thank DGE Robert Kuan, Rotary Club of Makati Poblacion and our Peace Presidents for supporting this exchange program.

10.TRF Dinner: The annual TRF Dinner, dubbed “I’m BAD (Be A Donor)”, was uniquely musical under the leadership of Deputy SAG Rhoda Salas and President Philip Nazareno. The program was conceptualized by PP Juor Buted, featuring performances by Rotarians of the songs of Michael Jackson.

11.Last Year of the Group Study Exchange (GSE) Team: We saw the GSE Team in its last year in Rotary. Our clubs, led by GSE Hosting Chair Techie de la Cruz and her deputies PP Baby Bunye, PP Sweetie Gardiner and PP Lea Recomite, took the effort to make the stay of the last GSE Team to our district memorable.

12.Multiple Signing of Sisterhood Agreements: The district facilitated the signing of multiple sisterhood agreements with clubs from Korea/District 3620 in a formal side-ceremony during DISCON 2013. I thank Grants Chair Rene Aguirre for arranging the details of this sisterhood signing.

13.Public relations: The district was active in its public relations efforts. A number of district officers were interviewed by UNTV. I was featured in “Man of the Hour”. Many of our service projects and clubs were featured in print and TV. Both DISCON 2013 and the District Awards were featured in full-page supplements of The Manila Times. I thank SAG Tony Chong and PP Klink Ang for these full-page features.

14.And last but certainly not the least, District Conference 2013 (DISCON 2013): The DISCON is the centerpiece district event of every year, and ours was a radiant one. DISCON 2013 received many glowing compliments for the selection of speakers, the Talent Night, the Governor’s Ball, and light-and-sound/stage management. Our Rotarians performed with assurance and style equal to their Broadway counterparts. The Presidents’ dance in beautiful long gowns and tuxedoes was elegant. For this, I thank District Secretary and DISCON 2013 Chair Marycris Oplas.

For the year that just passed, I express my deep appreciation for our district officers who exemplified what Rotary leadership is all about. They were selfless in their service.

I also express my deep appreciation for our Peace Presidents. They showed leadership, maturity and commitment. They, too, were selfless in their service.

Someday we hope to look back at Rotary Year 2012-2013, relishing the good memories “as vintage wine from fine old kegs, from the brim to the dregs, pouring sweet and clear”.

Indeed, it was a very good year.

To all who contributed to Rotary Year 2012-2013 and the success of the Peace Presidents - our advisers, our dedicated district officers and our co-Rotarians - THANK YOU!

Sue Sta. Maria
District Governor, RY 2012-2013

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