Friday, July 12, 2013

Classification Talk by Dr. Jed Inciong

One beauty of being in a rotary club is exposure to the diversity of professional and business affiliation, aka "classification" of members. In our club for instance, we have members who are in the fields of medicine, HR management, banking, real estate, freight forwarding, customs brokerage, agribusiness trading, shipping, counselling/life coaching, glass fabrication, think tank, and so on.

With such diversity in the professional background of members, it is interesting to listen to each them, like what they exactly do, various products and services they provide, and so on. Last week, a classification talk on agribusiness (poultry) trading was given by new clubmate, Daryl Cabato. This week, last Monday, a talk on "Looking as you feel: cosmetic surgery and non-surgical aesthetics." The club meeting was held at Tapeo Restaurant, The Fort Strip, at Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

Our Club President, First Class President Meann de Leon, assigned me to introduce Jed. It's a task that I liked, introducing a good friend -- with me in the board of our think tank, Minimal Government Thinkers Inc., godfather to my second daughter Bien Mary, and a clubmate and friend since I joined the club in 2004. His wife, Dr. Liz Inciong, is also the pediatrician of our two daughters.

Jed is a bright man. He graduated from the Philippine Science High School (PSHS or "Pisay"), the school of geeks and geniuses. It is very difficult to enter that school as there are thousands of bright applicants every year from all over the country, and the school get only a few. And it is equally difficult to finish four years of heavy science and math.

Jed went to UP Diliman for his BS Biology pre-medicine course, then to UERM Medical Center, interned at UP-Philippine General Hospital (PGH), specialized OB-Gyne at UERM again, got units in MS Asian Health Practices, and further pursued Cosmetics Surgery and been a practicing cosmetics surgeon for seven years now.

Aside from the above background, I also introduced Jed as a person who has disabled many young Filipinos who want to be in politics someday, to be eligible to run for President of the country. Know why? Because in the current Philippine Constitution, only "natural born" Filipinos can run for President. Those who are "caesarian born" are in effect, disqualified to run for President, and Jed has performed hundreds of caesarian operation to so many mothers since he became an OB-Gyne specialist in 1991. My clubmates and even Jed like this joke, as always.

Jed's topic has attracted many visitors other than our clubmates. A friend in the free market movement for instance, Harry Santos, plus his girlfriend Carla, came too. Harry wrote an interesting blog post after listening to Jed that night, Rotary Club of Taguig Fort Bonifacio Talk.

Daryl also brought his business partners from 1st Northern International Placement, Inc. and they too, listened to Jed's talk. Below, Daryl behind me, and the three guests -- Celia, Anchie and Peter.

Before Jed's talk, President Meann also inducted two new members, below. Patty Mangodatu in white dress, and Ana Viola Laqui in blue-green dress. Congratulations, Patty and Ana, and welcome to the club.

During fellowship after Jed's talk and open forum, a classmate of Pres. Meann, First Class President Stefanie Campaner came and gave a short talk about her club's community project, helping people with suicidal tendencies, and their musical concert fund-raising activity. A number of our clubmates bought tickets from her.

Nice talk by Jed, nice entry to the club of two new members, nice meeting guests who hopefully, may consider joining our club someday too.

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