Wednesday, July 18, 2012

On Servant Leadership, PDG Sonny Coloma

Our mother club (they chartered the creation of our club in March 2000), RC Rizal West, through their Peace President Elsa, invited us to their first meeting of the current RY last July 05, 2012, Thursday night, Makati Sports Club. The main speaker was Past District Governor (PDG) Sonny Coloma. Gov. Sonny is also working now at the Office of the President in Malacanang, the 2nd or 3rd time he joined government. His main job is being a professor of management at the AIM.

I am a big fan of Gov. Sonny, along with many other PDGs of our district, like Jimmy Cura, Rafael "Butch" Francisco, my Governor in RY 2006-07, Ed Alvarez, many others. Gov Sonny is a soft-spoken, good humored, articulate speaker. In one of his talks several years ago, he called me as among his favorite bloggers. He was kidding of course.


He was introduced by Gov. Jimmy Cura, That night, Gov. Sonny talked about servant leadership, the characteristics of a good, listening, leader. Among the nice quotes I heard from him: 

 * Listening, the reason why we have two ears and one mouth, is so that we can hear and listen more, before we speak. 
* Healing, letting go of the past, or mending ways, offer a hand or ear of healing past conflict and misunderstanding. 
* Empathy, consideration. 
* Many others. 

I also like his description of Fort Bonifacio (that's where our club is based) -- "Fort Bonifacio is an island of Taguig surrounded by Makati" -- haha, so true

Lower right photo, that's me, after I gave a few comments during the open forum :-) Not a question, I said that I like Gov Sonny's talk especially on listening. I remember what my friend said, "Talk is cheap because the supply is larger than the demand." I don't remember now the second comment I made....

Sunday, July 15, 2012

District Training on Membership Development, Public Relations

Our Club President, Rose Antonio, posted this today in our club facebook group. She attended the District (RI D3830) training on Membership Development and Public Relations yesterday held at the Asian Institute of Management (AIM). I copy-pasted the photos and compressed them into four frames, below. Lots of good ideas to share.

Lower right photo below, my sister in the middle, Marycris Oplas, now the District Secretary, and President Rose.