Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Gov. Butch's bday party

Past Gov. Butch Francisco's bday bash last Friday, May 23, was... a bash!
Lots of guests, food, drinks, entertainment and fun!

Aside from the Lead Team, also present in other tables were some of his clubmates (RCMC), Pagcor guys, other friends. It was held at 7 Pecados, Sofitel Philippine Plaza.

As expected, classmate Joey Lina sang, 2 numbers lang. Gov's other clubmate, actor Ricky Davao, also sang 2 or 3 songs. Hindi lang pala sya pang-rape scene sa pelikula, good singer din pala sya. And there were 2 entertainers, Sitti Navarro and her band, then another singer guy (basta hindi sya si Otso Navarro, hehehe) that looked a bit like classmate Inky Reyes. And as usual, trying hard singers who are careful not to displace those professional singers because they might lose their job, naki-jamming kami -- ako at si tokayo Noy Indonto.

Gov. gave a short but sincere speech, thanking everyone who came, reminding them to continue the rotary ideals of "service above self".

The portion on Q&A was fun. First it was classmate Bing Villania who introduced that part of the night's program, then classmate Tetchie dela Cruz and I co-hosted the actual Q&A. Such questions can be so brutal, they can cannibalize a weakling and send tons of tears down their eyes :-)

Among the questions were: Can you please re-enact how you proposed to Maling? Maling was more Machiavellian, she grabbed the phone and answered, "correction please! I'm the one who proposed to him!" Lusot si Gov!

Just when people were slowly fading into the exit door, the 3rd band, composed of 50s and perhaps, a few 60s year old guys, came and hit lots of 60s and 70s music, like those by the Rolling Stones. So what do you expect the Lead Team who have been hyped and pumped up by several glasses of wines or other high-octane drinks? Danced on the floor and rock-n-roll the night away!