Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Classification Talk by Daryl Cabato

Last night, the start of RY 2013-2014, new clubmate Daryl Cabato gave a classification talk, about poultry trading. He started his career as an employee of a big local agri-business company, wiggled his way to forming his own trading company. He buys thousands of live chicken every week, his truck can transport 1,000 heads per trip, dress the chicken and sell to various public markets, supermarkets and other big institutional buyers. Daryl gave us some important figures like cost per live chicken for the farmer, expected weight after 32 days, or even 28 days.

I left the meeting early last night, photo below, I was the one on striped polo.

Aside from poultry trading, Daryl is also into political consultancy, management consultancy, and in various NGOs and charity organizations. During his presentation last night, he showed his photos with several national and local political leaders. He is also an official of iHelp Foundation, which will be the partner of our club in organizing a benefit concert by Side A band this coming August 20 at Music Museum, proceeds will be use to improve a dilapidated public school in Capiz sometime this year, also help our adopted school, the R. Papa High School in Taguig City.

Photo below from left, Club Past Presidents Jed Inciong and Romel Villegas; three guests from Kiki-Kiti MYK, Winston Navarez, Lutao Malonzo and Darius Torres. The product is an anti-mosquito larvae and hence, anti-dengue solution.

First Class President Meann de Leon, Daryl Cabato, and Immediate Past President (IPP) Rose Antonio.

After Daryl's talk, Mr. Darius de Torres of Kiki-kiti also gave a talk how their product can effectively control the multiplication of mosquitoes and hence, control the spread of dengue, an infectious disease that victimizes thousands of Filipinos every year, killing several dozens especially children. The club is exploring to endorse certain products as part of its fund-raising and/or community activity.

The group photo, I already left and hence, was not able to join them.

Next three Mondays, there will be three talks. On July 8, PP Jed Inciong, a physician (OB and Cosmetics surgeon) will give a talk about cosmetics surgery. The Monday after that, July 15, a friend of new clubmate Mike Michener who was a retired CIA agent, will give a talk about security and intelligence. And the next Monday, July 22, new clubmate Henry Villa will give a classification talk, on customs brokerage.

Lots of free lectures, fellowships, while planning for some fund raising activities and community projects. We hope readers will be interested to join those talks and club activities.

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