Sunday, February 08, 2009

Sea bass regal and a Fellowship

A month ago, PDG Butch Francisco invited his Lead Team ("Lead the Way" club Presidents, RY 2006-07) for a dinner-fellowship, at a nice restaurant at Fort Bonifacio. That was our "belated" Christmas party gathering.

There were plenty of us Lead Presidents from our District who came, maybe about 35 to 40. And as usual, when old friends meet after sometime, the old camaraderie is immediately rekindled -- personal and professional updates left and right, laughter and jokes, picture-taking left and right.

From left: Amore Isip, Charlie Fuentes, Joey Lina, Luz Reyes, me.
Me, "Barbie the Pooh" Revadeniera, Charlie Fuentes, Efren. Among our classmates who showed up was good-looking Paolo Martelino. Paolo did not finish his term due to some internal club issues, so he was not able to attend many District activities during our term, did not attend other meetings and parties after our term. So a number of our classmates did not recognize him, they were whispering and asking, "Classmate, sino sya? ka-batch din ba natin?"

(Lorenz Tato, Amore Isip, Luz Reyes) My answer to some classmates was long-winded. I'd reply, "Yes, he was our classmate. He did not finish his term because he became a model for famous clothing brands. He's a jerk, he stole a number of modelling contracts that were offered to me, because everytime the shooting for the ads were scheduled, I'd get sick and Paolo would immediately jump in and steal the show from me!" hehehe, joke!

The food during our fellowship was great, there were 2 choices for the main course, but the most-requested was the sea bass. Really yummmmmyyyy! I kidded that "seabass regal" was really nice :-)

Gov. Butch and wife Maling remained as cool and friendly as before. They also brought various gifts to us. We also learned that night that Gov. is planning a career shift within 2 years. Everyone in the room expressed support for him, some already made unsolicited pledges.

We hope that Gov. Butch will be successful in his planned career shift. As for our batch, the friendship made three years ago among us should be a lifetime bond. I am very happy and proud of my friendly and warm classmates.

Mabuhay ang Lead Team ng District 3830!