Sunday, May 26, 2013

Charter President Bobby Dimayuga

The Rotary Club of Taguig Fort Bonifacio, RI District 3830, was chartered on March 29, 2000. It was sponsored by RC Rizal West, our mother club. The Charter President was Bobby Dimayuga.

I think it was the first time in several years that CP Bob has discussed again how the club was created, who were the members, circumstances behind its creation, in his talk last April 08, 2013, held at Metro Club, Rockwell, Makati. Below, Peace President Rose Antonio giving the plaque of appreciation to CP Bob after his talk.

Bob said that in 1999-2000, Fort Bonifacio was mostly cogonal and grassland, with just very few buildings standing. When they were approached by RC Rizal West, he was just around 36 years old, gaining momentum for his career, was not rich, and was wondering how he can help others, the needy people, when he himself was not really financially stable then.

Besides, Fort Bonifacio was a generally lonely place then, whom will they recruit to the club except his officemates and some friends in the area. So if he sees his officemates at daytime, he will see them again weekly, not a cool idea.

But then the guys at RC Rizal West were persistent, and after several meetings, an election of club officers was held, he was being "set up" by his friends and charter members to become the Charter President. He could no longer back out, so he went ahead to preside the new club.

It was a blessing for him, he recounted. Because his friends and network among professionals and businessmen has suddenly expanded in the District. And while he thought that a weekly meeting was "too much", after several months, he got used to meeting the members weekly. When there are weeks that there were no meetings, say due to bad weather or a holiday, he was missing his clubmates. Guys that later became Presidents of the Club too -- PPs Charles Mercado, Jed Inciong, Caloy Morante, Joel Ciron, Romel Villegas.

Giving community services were made easier with the help of District officials and our mother club. An Interact Club was also established at R. Papa High School. Bob recalled that while he was spending extra for the various club activities and community projects, he noticed that somehow new resources were also coming unto him rather unexpectedly.

It was nice to hear CP Bob sharing what it was during his term -- last quarter of RY 1999-2000, and full RY 2000-2001. I joined the club in late 2004. Carlos "Caloy" Morante was the President then. PP Joel Ciron invited me to the club.

Group photo after Bob's talk. From left, standing: a guest (sorry, I forgot his name), Marco Pagaduan, PP Norlan de Leon, me , PP Niel Antonio, PP Romel Villegas. Sitting, from left: President-Elect Meann de Leon (wife of Norlan), Peace President Rose Antonio, and CP Bob.

A wacky pose :-)

Thanks for that insightful and wonderful evening, CP Bob. I appreciated the club and its history even more with what you shared with us that night.

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