Wednesday, July 24, 2013

John Walker on Strengthening Corporate Security

After three consecutive classification talks by three club members, me included, last Monday we had a guest speaker, Mr. John Walker, a good friend of our clubmate Patty Mangundatu.

The traditional singing of the national anthem, then doxology. I came late last Monday, I missed this part.

Club President's time. First Class President Meann de Leon giving a powerpoint presentation of a review of the club's activities the past few weeks, her involvement in some District activities, participation in some induction by her classmates.

Patty, right in photo below, introduced John, the head of Adsum Risk Consultancy (ARC). She called him "among the most intelligent people that I have ever met". After hearing John's presentation, I can confirm that Patty is correct in making that description.

John talked about "The Misconceptions and Realities of Corporate Security." I like his main point -- that a big portion, up to 80 percent, of risks to corporate security, is internal, not external. Like office employees who use office supplies for personal and household needs; former employees who steal corporate information, network and trademark for their business activities when they get out of the company. Or officers who by neglect, unwittingly gave important information to thieves who steal laptops, and so on.

The awarding of Certificate of Appreciate to John by President Meann. Assistant Governor Chary Misa and Immediate Past President Rose Antonio joined her.

 After John's talk, AG Chary gave a briefing of the plans and activities of the District's Cluster 14 (clubs in Taguig and Pateros), particularly First Class Governor Robert Kuan's visit and meeting with all clubs in the cluster this coming September 2, Monday afternoon till evening.

The usual group photo, with John and AG Chary.

This coming Monday will be a club fellowship, no formal meeting. President Meann plans to hold it in a restaurant somewhere in Macapagal Blvd.

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