Saturday, August 03, 2013

Fellowship, After Four Club Talks

After four consecutive Monday nights of club talks on different topics by different speakers, our club President, First Class President Meann de Leon called for a fellowship. Instead of last Monday night, she scheduled it last Thursday night at Music 21 in Makati. The talks last month were:

Classification Talk by Dr. Jed Inciong, July 12, 2013
My Classification Talk, on Mining Taxation, July 19, 2013 

John Walker on Strengthening Corporate Security, July 24, 2013

I came late, around 8:30pm, and the guys were already having great fun. 
Below, from left: Arnan, brother of Past President Norlan de Leon, sister of President Meann, Meann, IPP Rose Antonio, Mike Michener, Patty Mangundatu, Past President Niel Antonio, Norlan... 

Below, from left: Patty, PP Niel, PP Norlan, PP Jed Inciong, Henry Villa, Marco Pagaduan, Jun Mendoza.

Later we moved to a bigger room as PE Daryl Cabato and wife also joined us. This big room can accommodate probably 25 people. There are three tv screens to read and sing the lyrics.

President-Elect (PE) Daryl Cabato (middle, with jacket) and wife.
Fellowships are encouraged in Rotary -- no serious meetings, no speakers, just loosen up, sing and dance, things we cannot do during regular meetings.

I also belted out a few songs, President Meann dancing :-)

Patty, holding the microphone, is a great singer. She used to sing at some hotel bars. Her voice is really great and terrific. I kidded that we saved money getting a professional singer to give us really good songs.

Thank you for that wonderful night, President Meann and clubmates. 

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