Friday, July 19, 2013

My Classification Talk, on Mining Taxation

Last Monday was my turn to give a classification talk. My classification is think tank management, and I do research on various topics -- health, mining, energy, climate, free trade, macro econ, transport econ, political ideology, etc. So I can talk on any of those topics with good data. I chose the topic on mining taxation because it is among the hot issues in the country today. The event was held at Metro Club, Rockwell, Makati.

My presentation, 26 slides, is posted in my political blog, see here, Mining 26: Presentation at Rotary Club of Taguig Fort Bonifacio

I was introduced by new clubmate who was inducted only last Monday, Patty Mangudatu, 3rd from left, in front of a red laptop. Thanks for the kind intro, Patty. My clubmates here listening to my talk.

First Class President Meann de Leon giving me my Certificate of Appreciation, plus a box of cake, which I gave to my daughters and wife.

Before my talk, our club inducted another new member, Reggie Necio, right. The "charging officer" was Past President Romel Villegas.

Reggie being inducted by our Club President, Meann de Leon.

Past President Nrolan de Leon, also the husband of Pres. Meann, putting the rotary pin on new clubmate Reggie's polo.

The group photo. We were 15 here, including my guest and ninong to my daughter, VJ Dizon, extreme right, standing. Six members were absent last week.

Thanks once again, to Immediate Past President (IPP) Rose Antonio, 2nd from right sitting, for an exemplary work work done for the club last rotary year, which attracted some people to come and join our club.

This coming Monday, the club will host a talk by John F. Walker, a friend of our new clubmate Mike Michener, and he will talk about "The Misconceptions and Realities of Corporate Security". Same venue at Metro Club.

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