Wednesday, July 24, 2013

John Walker on Strengthening Corporate Security

After three consecutive classification talks by three club members, me included, last Monday we had a guest speaker, Mr. John Walker, a good friend of our clubmate Patty Mangundatu.

The traditional singing of the national anthem, then doxology. I came late last Monday, I missed this part.

Club President's time. First Class President Meann de Leon giving a powerpoint presentation of a review of the club's activities the past few weeks, her involvement in some District activities, participation in some induction by her classmates.

Patty, right in photo below, introduced John, the head of Adsum Risk Consultancy (ARC). She called him "among the most intelligent people that I have ever met". After hearing John's presentation, I can confirm that Patty is correct in making that description.

John talked about "The Misconceptions and Realities of Corporate Security." I like his main point -- that a big portion, up to 80 percent, of risks to corporate security, is internal, not external. Like office employees who use office supplies for personal and household needs; former employees who steal corporate information, network and trademark for their business activities when they get out of the company. Or officers who by neglect, unwittingly gave important information to thieves who steal laptops, and so on.

The awarding of Certificate of Appreciate to John by President Meann. Assistant Governor Chary Misa and Immediate Past President Rose Antonio joined her.

 After John's talk, AG Chary gave a briefing of the plans and activities of the District's Cluster 14 (clubs in Taguig and Pateros), particularly First Class Governor Robert Kuan's visit and meeting with all clubs in the cluster this coming September 2, Monday afternoon till evening.

The usual group photo, with John and AG Chary.

This coming Monday will be a club fellowship, no formal meeting. President Meann plans to hold it in a restaurant somewhere in Macapagal Blvd.

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Friday, July 19, 2013

My Classification Talk, on Mining Taxation

Last Monday was my turn to give a classification talk. My classification is think tank management, and I do research on various topics -- health, mining, energy, climate, free trade, macro econ, transport econ, political ideology, etc. So I can talk on any of those topics with good data. I chose the topic on mining taxation because it is among the hot issues in the country today. The event was held at Metro Club, Rockwell, Makati.

My presentation, 26 slides, is posted in my political blog, see here, Mining 26: Presentation at Rotary Club of Taguig Fort Bonifacio

I was introduced by new clubmate who was inducted only last Monday, Patty Mangudatu, 3rd from left, in front of a red laptop. Thanks for the kind intro, Patty. My clubmates here listening to my talk.

First Class President Meann de Leon giving me my Certificate of Appreciation, plus a box of cake, which I gave to my daughters and wife.

Before my talk, our club inducted another new member, Reggie Necio, right. The "charging officer" was Past President Romel Villegas.

Reggie being inducted by our Club President, Meann de Leon.

Past President Nrolan de Leon, also the husband of Pres. Meann, putting the rotary pin on new clubmate Reggie's polo.

The group photo. We were 15 here, including my guest and ninong to my daughter, VJ Dizon, extreme right, standing. Six members were absent last week.

Thanks once again, to Immediate Past President (IPP) Rose Antonio, 2nd from right sitting, for an exemplary work work done for the club last rotary year, which attracted some people to come and join our club.

This coming Monday, the club will host a talk by John F. Walker, a friend of our new clubmate Mike Michener, and he will talk about "The Misconceptions and Realities of Corporate Security". Same venue at Metro Club.

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Friday, July 12, 2013

Classification Talk by Dr. Jed Inciong

One beauty of being in a rotary club is exposure to the diversity of professional and business affiliation, aka "classification" of members. In our club for instance, we have members who are in the fields of medicine, HR management, banking, real estate, freight forwarding, customs brokerage, agribusiness trading, shipping, counselling/life coaching, glass fabrication, think tank, and so on.

With such diversity in the professional background of members, it is interesting to listen to each them, like what they exactly do, various products and services they provide, and so on. Last week, a classification talk on agribusiness (poultry) trading was given by new clubmate, Daryl Cabato. This week, last Monday, a talk on "Looking as you feel: cosmetic surgery and non-surgical aesthetics." The club meeting was held at Tapeo Restaurant, The Fort Strip, at Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

Our Club President, First Class President Meann de Leon, assigned me to introduce Jed. It's a task that I liked, introducing a good friend -- with me in the board of our think tank, Minimal Government Thinkers Inc., godfather to my second daughter Bien Mary, and a clubmate and friend since I joined the club in 2004. His wife, Dr. Liz Inciong, is also the pediatrician of our two daughters.

Jed is a bright man. He graduated from the Philippine Science High School (PSHS or "Pisay"), the school of geeks and geniuses. It is very difficult to enter that school as there are thousands of bright applicants every year from all over the country, and the school get only a few. And it is equally difficult to finish four years of heavy science and math.

Jed went to UP Diliman for his BS Biology pre-medicine course, then to UERM Medical Center, interned at UP-Philippine General Hospital (PGH), specialized OB-Gyne at UERM again, got units in MS Asian Health Practices, and further pursued Cosmetics Surgery and been a practicing cosmetics surgeon for seven years now.

Aside from the above background, I also introduced Jed as a person who has disabled many young Filipinos who want to be in politics someday, to be eligible to run for President of the country. Know why? Because in the current Philippine Constitution, only "natural born" Filipinos can run for President. Those who are "caesarian born" are in effect, disqualified to run for President, and Jed has performed hundreds of caesarian operation to so many mothers since he became an OB-Gyne specialist in 1991. My clubmates and even Jed like this joke, as always.

Jed's topic has attracted many visitors other than our clubmates. A friend in the free market movement for instance, Harry Santos, plus his girlfriend Carla, came too. Harry wrote an interesting blog post after listening to Jed that night, Rotary Club of Taguig Fort Bonifacio Talk.

Daryl also brought his business partners from 1st Northern International Placement, Inc. and they too, listened to Jed's talk. Below, Daryl behind me, and the three guests -- Celia, Anchie and Peter.

Before Jed's talk, President Meann also inducted two new members, below. Patty Mangodatu in white dress, and Ana Viola Laqui in blue-green dress. Congratulations, Patty and Ana, and welcome to the club.

During fellowship after Jed's talk and open forum, a classmate of Pres. Meann, First Class President Stefanie Campaner came and gave a short talk about her club's community project, helping people with suicidal tendencies, and their musical concert fund-raising activity. A number of our clubmates bought tickets from her.

Nice talk by Jed, nice entry to the club of two new members, nice meeting guests who hopefully, may consider joining our club someday too.

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Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Classification Talk by Daryl Cabato

Last night, the start of RY 2013-2014, new clubmate Daryl Cabato gave a classification talk, about poultry trading. He started his career as an employee of a big local agri-business company, wiggled his way to forming his own trading company. He buys thousands of live chicken every week, his truck can transport 1,000 heads per trip, dress the chicken and sell to various public markets, supermarkets and other big institutional buyers. Daryl gave us some important figures like cost per live chicken for the farmer, expected weight after 32 days, or even 28 days.

I left the meeting early last night, photo below, I was the one on striped polo.

Aside from poultry trading, Daryl is also into political consultancy, management consultancy, and in various NGOs and charity organizations. During his presentation last night, he showed his photos with several national and local political leaders. He is also an official of iHelp Foundation, which will be the partner of our club in organizing a benefit concert by Side A band this coming August 20 at Music Museum, proceeds will be use to improve a dilapidated public school in Capiz sometime this year, also help our adopted school, the R. Papa High School in Taguig City.

Photo below from left, Club Past Presidents Jed Inciong and Romel Villegas; three guests from Kiki-Kiti MYK, Winston Navarez, Lutao Malonzo and Darius Torres. The product is an anti-mosquito larvae and hence, anti-dengue solution.

First Class President Meann de Leon, Daryl Cabato, and Immediate Past President (IPP) Rose Antonio.

After Daryl's talk, Mr. Darius de Torres of Kiki-kiti also gave a talk how their product can effectively control the multiplication of mosquitoes and hence, control the spread of dengue, an infectious disease that victimizes thousands of Filipinos every year, killing several dozens especially children. The club is exploring to endorse certain products as part of its fund-raising and/or community activity.

The group photo, I already left and hence, was not able to join them.

Next three Mondays, there will be three talks. On July 8, PP Jed Inciong, a physician (OB and Cosmetics surgeon) will give a talk about cosmetics surgery. The Monday after that, July 15, a friend of new clubmate Mike Michener who was a retired CIA agent, will give a talk about security and intelligence. And the next Monday, July 22, new clubmate Henry Villa will give a classification talk, on customs brokerage.

Lots of free lectures, fellowships, while planning for some fund raising activities and community projects. We hope readers will be interested to join those talks and club activities.

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Monday, July 01, 2013

Moments 4: Al Orolfo

Another early draft that I sent to the editorial team of ROTARY MOMENTS before it was finally decided that all papers should be in first person, not third person, narrative. So this is not the one that was published there, but am posting this nonetheless because of some unique stories that this Peace President has to share.

Al Orolfo, Ph. D.
RC Makati Rockwell

Either circumstances push some hesitant Rotarians to Club leadership, or such leadership is circumvented by circumstances. Or both can happen at the same time to the same person.

Al Orolfo has experienced both. He was just a club President-Nominee when the President-Elect begged off due to personal reasons and so he was suddenly thrust into the limelight to become the next Club President. That is why he called his leadership as “President by accident.” Sometimes things that happen in our life are purely unplanned and we just have to embrace them and be open to more possibilities.

And just when he became Club President, he was appointed as a Regional Technical Director of the DENR in Region 7, based in Cebu City. He could not back off from either position, he has to do both jobs. There he goes from Makati Rockwell to Cebu and vice versa. Lucky and hard working guy.

Like the other “accidental Presidents”, he was hesitant and doubtful of his capacity to lead the club when he attended the President-Elects Training Seminar (PETS). But upon meeting his classmates and the District Officials led by then District Governor Elect (DGE) Sue Sta. Maria, having instant friendship with other professionals and businessmen in the District, the doubts were greatly diminished.  The motivational speeches of DG Sue nailed further his commitment as Club President. Then the encouraging words and equal commitment showed by his club officers and members made him decide to fully accept the duties and responsibilities thrust upon him. From there, he just “enjoyed the ride.”

During his term, the club’s main activities were promoting Reproductive Health (RH) and sustainable environmental management . The club held several talks and seminars about the RH bill, that became a law last December 2012. And his being a DENR official naturally prodded him and the club to engage in various environmental advocacies, like their annual tree planting project along the South Luzon Expressway which mobilizes government, NGOs and other private organizations to join hands in establishing a Green and Litter-Free Highway.

Then the partnership with other clubs in promoting  solid waste management, biodiversity conservation, and coral reef restoration through seminars. Community outreach activities included scholarship program, health and sanitation project and support to risk and disaster management. Of course they also fund-raising activities to make the incoming President comfortable in financing his initial club projects.

Another community of the club is the pencil-drive for Aeta children in Zambales, in partnership with Carl Duisberg Association of the Philippines, a group of former scholars in Germany that share the same advocacy on literacy for the marginalized school children.  This activity became his swan-song  highlighted by the Club  visit of the Aeta children, punctuated by a post-summer club outing in Zambales.

So how did  he juggle his time between his work assignment in Cebu and Club duties in Manila, with travels out of the country in between? Not easy but not too hard either. First and foremost, he was backed up and supported by his clubmates, they told him that they will adjust to his new work assignment. Strong Club members’ commitment was something that really inspired and energized him. Second, modern technology has erased many boundaries of geography. Members who did not even hear yet Skype and Facebook became instant converts. Third, he flies to Manila twice a month on average so he can attend important Club and District activities.
He has at least two unforgettable moments in Rotary. One was his Club Induction where his classmates and some key District Officers trooped to his oath-taking . He saw and felt the value of Rotary family. It was an overwhelming moment for him to see his PETS classmates gracing the occasion even though he could not attend to his classmates’ major activities.

The other was when the club held its strategic planning in an island in Cebu that his clubmates along with their families, enjoyed a lot. They marooned themselves in the island for the planning and the formulation of their Club’s Vision and Mission, doing the SWOT analysis and identifying the most urgent and important activities for the next three years. Serious club activity will not be memorable without them doing island hopping, feasting on local foods and snorkelling in the marine sanctuaries of Mactan seascape after.

Al has special thanks to Governor Sue. Her encouraging and inspiring words and support were a big factor in his club leadership. His Club for instance was the first to be visited by the Governor last January 7, 2013. Instant bonding between them was made easier since both are human resource management practitioners.

Hats off to both President Al and Governor Sue.

Moments 3: Bien Mallari

An interesting story from one of the young Peace Presidents of RI District 3830. I wrote this after interviewing him sometime in May this year, but again, this is not the draft published in ROTARY MOMENTS as this is a third person story.

Bien Mallari

Rotary Club of Muntinlupa North

Way back in 2011, Bien (rightmost in photo) was just a two years old Rotarian but he already showed leadership potential that his club mates were convinced that he could be a good Club President someday.  So when the club voted for their President-Elect in 2011, he was nominated and out of the 19 members who were present that day, the result was an overwhelming 18-1 in his favor. Everyone voted for him, except himself as he voted another clubmate that he nominated.  So his Presidency started with a solid and full support by his clubmates.

And still, like many incoming Club Presidents, he was also hesitant at the start to assume the Club leadership given the amount of time and commitment expected of a President. But the PETS, the continued support of his clubmates and District officials enabled him to proceed with enthusiasm. He later got the “hang” of rendering various community services to the less privilege people with passion.

The club has two signature projects that are focused on the youth and children. The first is the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA). This is a special training program by Rotary International via the thousands of Rotary Clubs worldwide to cultivate leadership ability of people between 14 to 30 years old through seminars and awards recognition. The District RYLA as hosted by the club was made last November 2012.

The second important project of the club is the “Teach a Child Project”, an educational program for 50+ children aged 3 to 4 years old, covering eight sessions from December 2012 to March 2013.  The kids are not only taught some introductory academic exercises and introduced to some games, they are also well fed. Parents and guardians of the kids are very happy with this opportunity given to their children at no cost to them.

Bien recalls that he has many unforgettable moments  in Rotary during his term, but three occasions stood out. First was during their PETS training,  the friendship and instant bonding with fellow professionals and businessmen bounded by a common ideals of “service above self”. It was simply overwhelming. Plus the friendship and guidance of Governor Sue Sta. Maria and other District officials.

The conclusion of their PETS was that they wrote down the things and projects that they planned to achieve as President. The papers were put in a bamboo container that will be opened only at the end of their term, in late June 2013.

The second  most unforgettable moment he experienced was during his club induction of officers and oath-taking, where many of his classmates and district officers joined him and cheered with him. It was like the PETS camaraderie again except that he was the “star” of the night.  And the third was during the District Conference (DISCON) in March 2013 where they were especially mentioned for significantly improving their club membership.

Other important club activities during his term were (a) the Children’s Christmas party last December,  (b) Medicines Donation last April, (c) Fun Run last May, (d) fire truck delivery, a matching grant application of IPP Romel Abanto that was approved during Bien’s term, and (e) club participation in the Philippine Rotary Homes. The last initiative was started by the District in Paranaque a few years ago. It yielded good results so the program will soon be replicated in Muntinlupa and other areas of District 3830.

Bien takes pride in being supported fully by his clubmates from the beginning to the end of his term. Also by the warm support by District Governor Sue Sta. Maria and other district officials.

Before Bien became President, the club used to meet in just one restaurant for many years. Bien brought the club members to various restaurants and venues, something that excited many members. They looked up to new venues, new food, new environment.  The best venue they found and they later made as their regular meeting place, is Vivere Hotel. The hotel manager also became their club member. A cool and mutually beneficial arrangement.

Now that his term is ending, Bien summarizes his experience as a Club President: “Masarap at kakatuwa pala tumulong sa iba nang walang kapalit.”