Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Hurrah for Gov. Butch

Last night, May 28, there was a “lash hurrah” fellowship of all LPs with Gov. Butch, also to celebrate a belated birthday greetings for him, held at Manila Hotel. I have thought that maybe only about half of the 77 or 79 club Presidents will be there. But wrong was I. More than 40 LPs, maybe around 45, were there! And I think that special awards should go to classmate Boboy Intal – he went there weak, sick and shivering (he has to borrow my coat to protect him from the hotel’s penetrating air-con), just to be with the Gov and his classmates!

I should say it was a very bright initiative. Only LPs and the Gov, no other district officers. Hence, the gathering was very warm and intimate. When you’re there, you wouldn’t imagine that there are acrimonies and bad sentiments among some people in the District at all. People were chatting left and right, shaking hands and exchanging hugs and greetings, moving around and taking pictures, sharing inspiring greetings and funny one-liners.

The funniest part was when members of the 6 teams/colors during the PETS went up stage, and each one gave a short personal greetings to Gov Butch. Some teams had a song number, like the Yellow team (led by classmate Lady Li-libeth), and our Red Team (led by classmate Joey Li). Oh yes, the yellow team had the most number of attendance – there were 11 or 12 of them there last night! The batch “theme song” sort of, “Happy Heart”, was also sang twice. You know, the lyrics goes like

“It’s with happy heart we serve
serving those who are in need
and it’s all for a better world
where we live…
la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la- la,…”

Such a warm and civil evening, indeed. Zero politics, zero intrigues, zero electioneering. Only 100% respect and gratitude for Gov Butch. And when the Gov. gave his response, only attentive ears and applause greeted him. Oh, he mentioned about the status of the district book-writing project, as well as discussed the formation of a new foundation, partly initiated (and instigated, hehehe) by classmate Tyrone – the rtv.ph (online) broadcasting channel.

The evening capped with the unveiling of the LPs’ gift to the Gov, a painting plus personal greetings on a card, then a group picture. The group picture alone took several minutes with several digicams flashing left and right, over and over again for various smiles, grins, waves and other expressions. I think it was a little past 10pm when we called it a night.

So, from what I observed that evening, “last hurrah” is a misnomer. It seems that with the renewed friendship among LPs and affirmation of support and respect for Gov. Butch, the right word could be “never-ending hurrah” for the leaders of D3830.

Going home, and hitching again (along with Boboy) with classmate Rey Alas’s car, I thought and pondered -- whatever misunderstanding or conflict in the district or among some clubs, if the Presidents were left to talk among themselves and there were little intervention by the “elders” in the district, such misunderstanding could be addressed much easier and with more civility. Oh well, I could be wrong. But I may be right. Kumbaga, sabi nga ni Billy Joel sa isang kanta nya eh,

“You may be right, I may be crazy
but it’s just maybe a lunatic you’re looking for
turn out the light, don’t try to save me
you maybe wrong for all I know,
but you maybe right. Awww!”