Sunday, May 26, 2013

Charter President Bobby Dimayuga

The Rotary Club of Taguig Fort Bonifacio, RI District 3830, was chartered on March 29, 2000. It was sponsored by RC Rizal West, our mother club. The Charter President was Bobby Dimayuga.

I think it was the first time in several years that CP Bob has discussed again how the club was created, who were the members, circumstances behind its creation, in his talk last April 08, 2013, held at Metro Club, Rockwell, Makati. Below, Peace President Rose Antonio giving the plaque of appreciation to CP Bob after his talk.

Bob said that in 1999-2000, Fort Bonifacio was mostly cogonal and grassland, with just very few buildings standing. When they were approached by RC Rizal West, he was just around 36 years old, gaining momentum for his career, was not rich, and was wondering how he can help others, the needy people, when he himself was not really financially stable then.

Besides, Fort Bonifacio was a generally lonely place then, whom will they recruit to the club except his officemates and some friends in the area. So if he sees his officemates at daytime, he will see them again weekly, not a cool idea.

But then the guys at RC Rizal West were persistent, and after several meetings, an election of club officers was held, he was being "set up" by his friends and charter members to become the Charter President. He could no longer back out, so he went ahead to preside the new club.

It was a blessing for him, he recounted. Because his friends and network among professionals and businessmen has suddenly expanded in the District. And while he thought that a weekly meeting was "too much", after several months, he got used to meeting the members weekly. When there are weeks that there were no meetings, say due to bad weather or a holiday, he was missing his clubmates. Guys that later became Presidents of the Club too -- PPs Charles Mercado, Jed Inciong, Caloy Morante, Joel Ciron, Romel Villegas.

Giving community services were made easier with the help of District officials and our mother club. An Interact Club was also established at R. Papa High School. Bob recalled that while he was spending extra for the various club activities and community projects, he noticed that somehow new resources were also coming unto him rather unexpectedly.

It was nice to hear CP Bob sharing what it was during his term -- last quarter of RY 1999-2000, and full RY 2000-2001. I joined the club in late 2004. Carlos "Caloy" Morante was the President then. PP Joel Ciron invited me to the club.

Group photo after Bob's talk. From left, standing: a guest (sorry, I forgot his name), Marco Pagaduan, PP Norlan de Leon, me , PP Niel Antonio, PP Romel Villegas. Sitting, from left: President-Elect Meann de Leon (wife of Norlan), Peace President Rose Antonio, and CP Bob.

A wacky pose :-)

Thanks for that insightful and wonderful evening, CP Bob. I appreciated the club and its history even more with what you shared with us that night.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Peace President Rose Antonio

Our current President, Rotary Club of Taguig Fort Bonifacio this rotary year 2012-2013, Peace President Rose Antonio, should be the most hard working among us, Past Presidents in recent years. She has achieved many things for the club, more than my term definitely, absolutely.

To see what I mean, check The Globalist, special issue, nearly 50 pages of photos and description of club activities and accomplishment, for the communities, for the District, with our sister clubs.

President Rose is also the wife of our club Past President (PP) Niel Antonio, who served in RY 2010-2011. They have two kids who would join us in some club activities and fellowships, like during our Christmas Party in Tagaytay.

Recently, I have been absent in some club meetings for some reasons. Among these meetings were the talk by PP Chary Misa of RC Rizal West, our "mother club" meaning their club sponsored the creation and chartering of our club in March 2000. PP Chary is a nice, friendly and warm lady who shared some information about Rotary International and our District 3830.

In this photo, from left: Jhun Mendoza, Marco Pagaduan, Era Eguia, Chary Misa, President Elect (PE) MeAnn de Leon, President Rose, and PP Norlan de Leon.

I was also absent during the club strategic planning for the term of PE and income President MeAnn de Leon. In this photo, from left standing: Basil Semilla, PP Norlan de Leon, PP Niel Antonio, Mike Michener. Sitting from left: Amy Semilla, PE MeAnn, President Rose, Era Eguia.

This week, I was not able to listen to a classification talk by Basil, who talked about Shipping and Freight Forwarding, the sector where he is currently working. I was told that it was a very interesting talk, I hope it will be repeated in the club, with more members attending, me included.

This was about two months ago, when new member, Mike Michener, beside Pres. Rose, gave a brief classification talk about "Life Coaching" and counselling. Luckily I was there.

The signature project of the club this year was the Art Peace 2013, a painting contest among university students in Metro Manila on the theme of promoting peace and conflict resolution. District Governor Sue Sta. Maria, some district officials, were our guests that afternoon, along with the six finalists. The winners are also in this photo. 

Our club also has at least three sisterhood agreement with other clubs -- with RC Intramuros in Manila, RC Diliman North in Quezon City, and below, with RC Alabang Centerpoint, from our own District.

Our club was also among the donors in the Rotary Homes in Paranaque. This is emerging as following the initiatves by Gawad Kalinga -- all private donations to give decent and humane housing for the poor, zero government or tax money was used. President Rose was not there during the turn over ceremony, attended by Rotary Homes Foundation President, PDG Sid Garcia, PDG Ed Alvarez, and PDG Paul Horng from Taiwan. He was also the Rotary International President Representative (RIPR) during the D3830 DisCon 2013 held at Manila Hotel last March.

The club was also among the sponsors of the sponsors during the 11th Pambansang Bakas Seminar-Workshop for Educators in San Antonio De Padua College in Pila, Laguna, held from April 3-6, 2013.

Your term as club President is ending soon, super-thanks for all your effort, hard work, extra expenses, President Rose. As a Past President myself, I can vouch how inspiring you have been to the club members and PPs alike.


Saturday, May 04, 2013


I attended the District Assembly (Distas) today of RI District 3830. A Distas is the training of all incoming officers of each rotary club. It was another educational and inspiring conference. Food was nice. Six of us from our club, RC Taguig Fort Bonifacio, attended. Led by Peace President Rose Antonio and President-Elect Meann de Leon.

Hats off to District Governor Sue Sta. Maria and next Governor Robert Kuan. Below is the list of activities.

 Engage Rotary, Change Lives

May 4, 2013, Saturday 
Asian Institute of Management Conference Center Manila (ACCM)

Opening Ceremony and First Plenary

Call to Oder                                     Suzanne Villa Sta. Maria
                                                          District Governor

Invocation                                        Ma. Theda Collantes
                                                          First Class President, 2013-14

National Anthem                            Audio-Visual                            

Acknowledgement of                     Ester Florendo 
   Dignitaries  and                           District Secretary, RY 2013-14
Roll Call of Clubs                           Lilibeth de la Cruz               
                                                        Deputy District Secretary, RY 2013-14

Welcome Remarks                         CP Lina Hilario
                                                         Chair, District Assembly

Message                                          Suzanne Villa Sta. Maria
                                                         District Governor

Overview                                        PDG Isidro Garcia
                                                                       District Trainer,  RY 2013-14

Introduction of Incoming              Evelyn Vale
              Governor                                     Deputy Senior Assistant Governor

Address                                          Robert F. Kuan  
                                                       First Class Governor, RY 2013-14


Speaker/Discussion Leader
Public Speaking
PDG Lyne Abanilla
District 3810
Role &
PP Ofelia Flores
District Treasurer
Club Administration             Protocol Officer
Role &

PP Marge Lamberte
Deputy District Secretary
Club Trainers
Role &
PP Joji Tan
District Committee Chairperson
Club Public Relations  and Public Image
Developing  Goal
Pepito Bengzon                                                                                         District Governor Nominee Designate       

Club Service Projects
Role &
Cora Tan
District Committee Chairperson
Rick Nimo
District Subcommittee Chairperson
Ed Escano
District Subcommittee Chairperson
The Rotary Foundation
PDG Ed Alvarez
District Rotary Foundation Chairperson
                             Introduction of resource persons by Presidents-elect of Host Clubs

Introduction of  Guest  Speaker  PDG Isidro Garcia

“Rotary and Nation-Building”       PDG Melito Salazar Jr.
                                                          District 3780

Recognition                                      DGE Robert F Kuan

Lunch/ Raffle                                                                                                                                  
        Musical Numbers                    Rotary Club ParaƱaque Midtown
Second Plenary Session  :             CP Edna Sutter
   Six Areas of Focus                      District Committee Chair                   
                                                        and her subcommittee chairpersons
            *      Moderators:    PP Ador Tolentino and PP Brenda Hernandez  * 

Break–Out  Session  2:

Speaker/Discussion Leader
Club Strategic Planning & Effective Club Planning
PDG Danny Fausto D3780
Developing Goals
PP Ofelia Flores
Secretary and Club Administration
Developing Goals
IPDG Billy Villareal
Club Membership
Club Trainer
Developing Goals
DCC  Joji Tan and
Subcommittee Chairpersons
Club Public Relations/ Public Image
Role and Responsibility
PP Marivic del Pilar
District Committee Chair
Club Service Project
Developing Goals
PDG Jimmy Cura
Club TRF -                               District and Global Grants
Developing Goals
PDG Jess Cifra
              Introduction of resource persons by Presidents-elect of Host Clubs

Introduction of  Guest Speaker        Danny Gapasin, Jr
                                                            First Class President
                                                            Rotary Club Paranaque Southwest 

Third Plenary Session
       “The Power of One,                 Dr. Siva Ananthan
       The Leader in You”                  Past President
                                                          Rotary Club Greater Kuala Lumpur D3300

Recognition                                     DGE Robert F. Kuan

Presentation of  Commitments     First Class Presidents                                             

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