Monday, March 19, 2007

Winey Valentiney

February 18, 2007

When classmate Ces Singzon posted “Sweeter than wine”, where he invited everyone to attend his club’s meeting last V-day, he meant it literally, figuratively, chocolately and musically. Yes, last February 14, there was wine, Novelino wines. There were some liter too, of fallen petals of red roses on the floor. And there were figures, some ANNs of Rotarians in nice dresses and good figures. And there were chocolates, sweet chocolates. And finally, there were music too, sweet ballad music.

So, the chocolates and music were indeed “sweeter than wine”. Besides, wines are not always sweet; they’re drinks with the sweet-sourness of grapes, the redness or whiteness of roses on V-day, and the medium-octane-ness of beer-brandy tonic concoction.

The guest speaker that night was the owner of Novelino wines and Ces’ cousin, Mr. Nonoy Quimbo. When Ces introduced me to him, my tokayo had this witty-grinny-smiley face, as if saying in his mind, “this is nth proof: guys nick-named Nonoy like us always have good looks”. Har har har, asa pa.

My tokayo talked about myths and misconceptions about marketing, wines, cork, aging of wines, use of oak barrels, etc. He also showed pictures of their wine factory in Valenzuela, the process of wine making, especially Italian style – with their Italian wine maker in their plant. I thought he would also show a picture of ET (that cute extra-terrestial) drinking wine, because ET is also from ET-ly. Hehehe.

I saw the medico-legal-ala-CSI of our district, classmate Tess Ramirez, dropped by at the venue. Maybe she was checking the medical-nutritional-optical content of Novelino wines, if not its legal-judicial-constitutional rights to land on our throat and belly. :-)

The following night, February 15, was a joint meeting of 3 clubs – RC Rizal West (Pres. Boboy Intal), RC Taguig West (Pres. Ana Cawaling), and my club. Boboy looked exuberant because there was a big presence of their RCC guys to be inducted that night, while Ana looked sweety-pretty-valentiney with her sparkling eyes and new hair-do. And both brought their members almost in full force! Plus our club members and guests, the room was full.

Our guest speaker that night was Dr. John Cenica, a cosmetics-beautification-varicose-killer surgeon. Dr. Cenica is also a member of RC Manila, the oldest RC in the Philippines and the whole of Asia. Our club invited him through our 2 club members who are also his business associates.

So, why do people, whenever they have extra resources, go for cosmetics and beautification surgery? Simple: if they’re ladies, so that they would be as pretty as Barbie Rivadie, Elizabeth Cruzie, Rose Acobi, Doris Yi, Yolly Ty, Patty Ne, Letty Reli, Bing Villani, Luz Reyi, and many other beauteous classmates. Well if they are men, so that they would be as handsome as Paolo Marteli, Ricky Espiri, Inky Rey, Rey Ali, Ric Santi, Raffy Tuve, Boboy Inty, Yasin Badi, Edwin Afzeli, Noe Indy, Tony Abe, Lawrence Arre, Gilbert Camase, Ces Singzy, Ferdie Saputi, Palmy Layi, Jerry Alzi, Joey Li, Efren Rodi, and others so many.

But the most attention-getting news of Dr. Cenica I think, was the “rising birdie” medicine. Mind you guys, it’s herbal de natural, less than P500 and you’re guaranteed for 7 days and 7 nights of ready-to-fight-armadillo! And during the Q&A, this thing got the most inquiries. Wanna buy? Come-a, come-ah, don’t be shy ah! :-)

PP Fritz Ocampo gave the closing response, and he noted that no one slept in the whole lecture and Q&A with Dr. Cenica. He said that the good doctor’s lecture stroke a “raw nerve” of excitement among the audience. Amen to that, Fritz!

Post-valentine Party

February 22, 2007

Consider this case and a question later: you gather 4 male Rotarians in the center, you asked them how much they love Rotary in a scale of 1-10, 10 being “lova-lova-mucha-todo-a”. Then you ask them to show their respective answers by kissing their wives, lipsa-lipsa, right there in the middle, and you hope that 3 couples will get tired and stop kissing after sometime, so that you’ll have a single winner for your lovapalooza. Problem is, no one was in the mood to stop kissing, and the evening clock was ticking away, so what do you do? Aha, the event organizers scratched their heads and declared each couple a winner, so that instead of giving away 1 prize, they have to give 4 prizes!

Yep yep, that was only 1 of the fantalooza scenes during the District post-valentines party dubbed “After the luvin” last Wednesday night. It was jointly sponsored by 6 valentines-inspired clubs: RCs Paranaque Metro (Pres. Lilibeth Cruzie, wife of Tommy Cruzie?), Muntinlupa Filinvest (Pres. Patty Naoe, the female Noeh?), Makati JPRizal (Pres. Bing Villani), Paranaque East (Pres. Ric Santi), Rizal West (Pres. Boboy Inty) and Makati Dasmarinas (Pres. Inky Reyeah!).

And the kissers – among them were Past Gov. Jimmy Cura and Pres. Yasin Badr! The 2 others were PP Fred Fortich and Dess, Boboy’s and Lilibeth’s clubmates, respectively. My co-MC that night, Pres. Bing, as well as the above-mentioned sponsoring Presidents, nearly pulled each couple apart so that they’ll stop kissing, hahaha! Everyone in the floor admired these 4 couples. Gov. Butch was grinning from ear to ear as he and wife Maling were watching.

Pres. Ric brought a new concoction, “the element”. It’s something from the mountains of Tanay, Rizal, that folks say is an effective way to spice up a weakening libido and slumping armadillo. So we asked some couples to try it, hoping for some results in a matter of an hour or two. Unfortunately, Ric says the spewing-dragon-fire could be felt after a few hours, not immediate. Anyway, if you guys are interested, Ric’s contact details are in our district directory.

Pres. Patty recognized the clubs which sponsored the event, as well as the other Rotarians from various clubs who came. Among our classmates whom I saw there, aside from those that I have mentioned earlier, were Barbie Rivadeneira, Rose Acoba, Tess Sanchez, Ana Cawaling, Ces Singzon, Jay Tambunting, Conrad Marty, Jujut Enriquez, Lorenz Tato, Archie Jimenez, Efren Fuentes. Classmates Patty or Lilibeth, please fill in those that I failed to mention.

Pres. Inky came in with his standard shaved-head, black leather jacket, Pinoy Elvis looks, and Earth-wind-and-fire voice, and belted out the first song of the evening, “After the lovin”, accompanied by the night’s live entertainer, the 8-track band. Gov. Butch and wife Maling were the first to dance. From there, it was a shakin n dancing evening, part 1.

Pres. Boboy brought his kisser-club clubmates. :-)
Pres. Lilibeth brought her splendid and demure lady club members. One of whom, Ms. Ray Cabailo, is a member of Mabuhay singers! When Ray came up stage to sing one classic love song of the 70s or 60s, “If you go away”, the room turned silent, the audience enchanted, and the band captivated. Her powerful voice and melodramatic delivery was so enthralling, we requested “one more!” which she obliged.

Pres. Bing also brought her fabulous and glittering lady clubmates, sparkling beauty and brains like district officials Patti King and Lita Wells.

Other singers and jammers that night were Mong Canizares, and PN of RC Paranaque Midtown, Noriel. Proud na proud si AG Andy Fernandez of his club’s PN. But I told him, “eh ako nag-turo dyan kumanta nung bata pa sya!” Har har har, asa pa.

Pres. Ces Singzon brought in a car-load of Novelino wines! Several boxes or a few dozens of bottles of various flavors, free-flowing, ubos! A few more evenings like that Ces, and you will succeed in Novelinizing D3830, hahaha!

With all those food, wines, elemental drinks, dancing and singing and kissing, not to mention fabulous room decorations, the P800 and time spent was worth it. My hats off to the 6 sponsoring clubs, and the attendance of our classmates and district officials, headed by Gov. Butch.