Monday, October 13, 2014

First Class President Maryann de Leon

The term of our Immediate Past President (IPP), First Class President (FCP) Maryann "Meann" de Leon has ended and I have not written much about her service to the club, the communities, and the District.

Here she is -- a passionate, cheerful and hardworking leader who steered our club to several projects that were noticed and recognized by the District leadership.

FCP Meann's achievement is special because she and her husband, fellow club Past President Norlan de Leon, live in Marilao, Bulacan. Just driving to Makati or Fort Bonifacio almost weekly is already a time-consuming and costly activity. The couple used to work at Fort Bonifacio in the 2000s before they got married. Hence, they were among the early club members.

FCP Meann receiving her award from First Class Governor Robert Kuan at the stage. What a great recognition for a small club with limited resources but has attained huge  impact on some poor communities, especially the fisherfolks of Taguig earning a living at Laguna Lake.

This is the special award that our club got from the District. Only a few clubs got it --  a Silver Star Award for Outstanding Perfomance for RY 2013-14. The District Awards were held at Gloria Maris, Greenhills, San Juan, last June 14, 2014.

Among the achievements of IPP/FCP Meann was expanding the dues-paying club membership, and several high-impact community projects, like the "Fish for Life Project" in a great partnership with the Rotary Club of Koln-Ville in Cologne, Germany.

Below is among the other awards from the District that day.

Our indefatigable Assistant Governor for the Cluster, Chary Misa (holding the painting).

At the District Handover ceremony at Sofitel Hotel last June 30, 2014. Standing from left: Past Presidents (PPs) Rose Antonio, husband Niel Antonio, Best President Regie Necio,  FCP Meann. Sitting from left: PP Norlan de Leon, Mike Michener, Patty Michener.

 A club fellowship at Wensha spa, FCP Meann's treat as her term was ending, May 26, 2014. The de Leon couple-PPs is very kind and gallant to club members, the same with the Antonio couple-PPs.

Another club fellowship-meeting at the Manila Elks Club, Makati. Mike is a new member of the Elks Club. Between me and Mike was the singer that night.

Thank you very much, IPP Meann. Your kindness and hard work for the club and its members, the communities and the District are well-noted and appreciated.

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Best President Regie Necio, Early Meetings

Our new Club President, Best President Reginaldo "Regie" Necio, was a reluctant leader, like most if not all  of us in our club. He has led the club for the past three months already, so far it was fine. 

Photo below during the Joint Club Induction of 3 clubs -- RC Taguig Fort Bonifacio, RCc Taguig West, and RC Metropolitan Pateros -- August 2, 2014, held at the Elks Club, Makati.

"Best President", "Best Governor", "Best District Team" are the titles of this rotary year's batch of leaders, from RI to the 500+ Districts worldwide, to all the Club Presidents.

Group photo of the 3 Clubs' Best Presidents, with District 3830 Best Governor Angelito "Lito" Colona.

Pres. Regie with his  wife and only son, to his right.

The first Joint Club meeting with RC Taguig West, with AG Chary Mesa, sitting left most, July 7, 2014.

Club meeting with guest, Dale Abenojar, August 18, 2014.

Another club meeting with new member Ritchie Mauricio, standing rightmost, last September 1.

Meeting with two Barangay officials of Brgy. San Miguel, Taguig City, last September 22.

It was in preparation for our club's "Happy Barangay" project. From left: Patty Michener, Pres. Regie, Mike Michener, the two barangay officials.

Good work so far, President Regie, thanks.