Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tuloy sa Don Bosco

The Tuloy sa Don Bosco project in Alabang is among the biggest projects being helped sustained year after year, by many Rotary Clubs of RI Disrict 3830, especially by the Rotary Club of Alabang. It is a project to help hundreds of street children recover their soul and dignity, giving them hope and inspiration.

Those previously street children are housed, schooled and trained in some particular skills, and after a certain age or training, when they are confiden and productive enough, are "released" to the outside world to be on their own. And the project takes in new batches of street children, and the cycle continues.

The facilities in Tuloy are beautiful, you wouldn't think they are for street children. Below are some young children, elementary school age perhaps, on a recess. They have uniforms and ID.

Last August, I joined the District Governor's lunch at Tuloy. It is an annual event being spearheaded by RC Alabang and other clubs in the south. It's a big fund-raising event where individual Rotarians or clubs from the District make pledges. Participants also give a donation. There are some health products being displayed (those firms are owned by some Rotarians) where a certain profit margin, or donations in cash or in kind, are also donated to Tuloy.

That afternoon, I was impressed by the huge donation, a total of something like half a million pesos. That's for a one-day event only. There are other clubs and Rotarians that donate in cash or in kind at any day of the year.

It's fascinating how "service above self" is working. Selfless charity project, volunteerism, zero coercion and taxation, to pursue a down to earth project of helping the poor and needy. Another reason why I remain being a Rotarian.

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