Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Launching of "(a)Musings in the life of a Rotarian"

Last night was one of those nights where you treasure being a member or a past president of a Rotary Club. The event was the formal launching of the book, "(a)Musings in the the Life of a Rotarian", at Fully Booked, Bonifacio High Street, Fort Global City. Oh, there were lots of food, lots of drinks including my 2nd favorite low-octane drink, red wine (my 1st fav is beer, hehe), lots of music, lots of people, and of course, lots of book! Siyempre, bookstore ba naman ang venue :-)

The book has 4 chapters -- "Back to basics: a fresh look into the four-way test", "Service about self: Leading the Rotary Way", "Driving the Wheel: Musings in the Life of a Rotarian", and "Club Bites: Amusing Stories in the Life of a Rotarian".

IPDG Butch Francisco wrote the Foreword, chapters 1 and 2, gave brief intro about chapters 3 and 4, and the Afterword. That's why he's the chief author of the book. There are 34 contributors from our District, about half of them were Lead Presidents, whose musings and amusings were covered in chapters 3 and 4.

So, where's the fun? Aha, the fun came in the autographs and signing by each contributor who were there last night. For instance, classmate Boboy Intal (PNB banker) was not a contributor, but he bought a copy, and he approached each contributor to sign, if not write a dedication to him. For instance, I wrote to him (my contribution appeared on page 168, and I wrote in that page), "Boboy, PNB tayo! Poging Nonoy at Boboy! Olrayt!" hehehehe.

In classmate Doris Yu's copy, I wrote her something like this, "Doris, Yu are the face of fun and service in our batch...", and in return, she wrote in my copy, "Nonoy, you hold 'the funniest guy' in RY 06-07. Nice to be with you classmate". Doris, did you mean "handsomest" , not "funniest"? har har har.

In classmate Edwin Afzelius' copy, I wrote him something like this, "Edwin, one of the classmates I highly respect, fun to be with you." And in return, he wrote in my copy, "Noy, the most eloquent Lead Pres. It was great giving together. Thanks." Edwin, maybe you mean the most "flamboyent"? hahaha!

In classmate Letty Rellera's copy, I wrote her something like this, "Letty, Let the fun begin, and Let's have more fun!" (Note, I keep saying "wrote something like this..." because I don't remember exactly the dedication I wrote). Letty in turn wrote in my copy, "Nonoy, I will never forget your good humor." Letty, baka naman you mean my "good looks", not "good humor", hahaha, asa pa.

One female classmate is more brutal in expressing her enjoyment. Barbie Rivadenira wrote, "To my one and only boyfriend, hope you will cherish the memories. Thanks." Before she wrote that, I wrote in her copy, "Barbie the Pooh, you rivadeih ladieh, stay prettieh, sweet smilieh, hehehe". If I had know that she'd call me her boyfriend, I would have written, "Barbie my girlie", hek hek hek!

Won't enumerate here all fond comments, but really-really thanks for the heartful dedications from other classmates and friends -- Inky Reyes, Noy Indonto, Lilibeth dela Cruz, Patti King, Yolly Tan, Ric Santiago, Gov. Jimmy, my-sis ex-DS-Marycris oh-pleas, and many more!

Si Gov. Butch, simple lang ang dedication, sabi nya, "Dear Nonoy, thank you for the support in our book writing project. Couldn't have done it better!" Well, in the Acknowledgment at the back of the book, Gov. Butch mentioned me, Inky, Boboy and tokayo Noy. Oyy Gov, di ko nasulatan ang copy mo! Anyway, ganito ang isusulat ko dapat: "Gov Butch, you butchered the idea that Rotarians can't write their musings and amusings in a literary way..." ahh, saka ko na isulat ang mas mahabang dedication, hehe.

The host last night was Mr. Johnny Litton, he's a funny guy. RIPE DK Lee came past 7pm. Would you believe guys, that in his district in Korea, he was responsible for chartering 32 clubs with 1,000+ new members in one RY! That's how fantastic in Rotary marketing our next RI President is.

Gov. Butch said that this will be "volume 1". Meaning, there will be volume 2, and 3, or more! So for other classmates and fellow Rotarians who submitted articles but for some reason/s, their papers were not printed in this volume, your chance to shine in the succeeding volume/s will not be far.

The book is now available in Fully Booked, Cabman, the contributors, and in RTV.PH.

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