Thursday, February 08, 2007

Governor's big smoke part 2

January 18, 2007

Guys, whether you showed up or not last Friday, lemme give you a short puzzle.
If you combine:

Big smoke + small shot + hot swing = ?

Or, what laws in physics are confirmed or negated by such mixture of physical concoction?
Isip, esep, thinkin, ponderin, guessin, wonderin, perplexin,….

In elementary physics, there’s a cute concept or theory of “osmosis” – the movement of molecules from an area of greater concentration to an area of lower concentration. And that’s what I noticed – them people who neither puffed cigar nor gulped Carlos 1 were the ones who mainly filled the dance floor while a band was playing. That's diffusion of energy from cigar-alcohol tandem to dancing-swaying twins.

But there are also guys who puffed and gulped and swung, all at the same time!
They smoked big, imbibed small (but many) shots of wine and Carlos 1, and swung hot on the dance floor.

Nah, I won’t tell you who were these guys. As for me, the red wine was oh-lala! The food was fanta-licious. The cigars were slam-dunkin big. The band (Eileen Sison’s jazz-rumba-hala-bira group) was ok-de-olrayt. And the crowd, the Rotarians, were game na, deal pa!

And what a night of dancin and swingin and jumpin! For my absence in the group dance during the Discon, it was a fantastic opportunity to catch up and dance with some of my fantastic lady classmates and district officials.

A jumpin-jack dance with beauteous Lilibeth de la Cruz
A cha-cha with curvaceous Doris Yu.
A bimbo-el-salsa with wide-grinning Ana Cawaling.
A swing-de-gusto with smol-bateribol Diana Quiros.
A boogie with demure and decorous Baby Bunye.
A hide-n-seek dance with ever-present Cora Tan.

Oh-oh, did I forget someone…?
Aha, not to forget, one lady who dueled with the 4 lady DIs and singer Eileen Sison in a sway-your-hips at 100 kph – Amore Isip!

And the men, oh yeah!
While I was pretending hard, really trying-hard, to be a dancer, I would glance at Yasin Badr’s calculated and stylish steps. Or at Gov. Jimmy’s elegant motion. Or at Gov. Butch’s casino-royale moves. Or at Ces Singzon’s shakin-thumpin sway. I don’t remember who else shook the night, but one thing is sure: they would dance more gracefully and respectfully than I did! Oh-my, oh-my!

Ooppss, ooppss, don’t forget Carlos 1’s 2 sexy and lotsa-skin ladies. You can ask the young-at-heart men – guys like Allan Macababayao, Rey Alas, Boboy Intal, Charlie Fuentes, Lito Abogado, Ric Santiago, others.

Ok, till the next big smoke.
Btway, you guys got some answers to my earlier puzzle?
Sirit? Hehehe.

Newston’s 3 laws of motion could be one answer.

1st law of motion: the law of gravity – you swing wide, you dance high, the dance floor will pull you down, so you’re back groovin’ movin.

2nd law of motion: the law of inertia – a body in motion will remain in motion unless an external force acts upon it. A big and long cigar will remain big and long unless a puffin’ and smokin’ mouth reduce it to ashes.

3rd law of motion: the law of action-reaction – for every action, there is an equal, opposite reaction. Small shots of wine and Carlos 1 will produce an equally small kick of hang-over.


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