Thursday, August 15, 2013

MDGs, Tuloy sa Don Bosco, A2A, by John Alexander Kerr

Last Monday, August 12, we have another American guest speaker, a friend of our clubmates Mike Michener and Patty Mangundatu, fellow Rotarian, John Alexander Kerr, of RC Alabang. He is seated 2nd from right, between First Class President Meann de Leon and Assistant Governor Chary Misa. Venue was Metro Club, Rockwell, Makati.

John talked about the Millenium Development Goals (MDGs), Tuloy sa Don Bosco Foundation, and his company, A2A Management Services Corp., where he is the CEO. John is also a Board Director and Trustee of Tuloy Foundation.

The portion that I like most in his talk was the Aquaponics project of Tuloy. It is aquaculture + hydroponics farming. The water where the fish swim contains fish manure and other organic wastes. The water is siphoned to a tank and is used in the hydroponics farm for various vegetables. The plants used the organic waste from the fish, plus other minerals added to the water for specific needs by specific vegetables. The water is then siphoned to another tank, filtered, and is used back to the aquaculture tank. Really cool.

The awarding of Certificate of Appreciation, by President Meann de Leon. They were joined by IPP Rose Antonio (leftmost) and AG Chary Misa (rightmost).

The usual group picture, before the formal adjournment of the meeting.

AG Chary reiterated an earlier announcement she made a few weeks ago, that the Governor's visit to our club plus two other clubs in the Taguig-Pateros cluster, will be on September 2, Monday, 6pm down. It will be held at RC Makati Foundation building, just at the back of Metro Club.

When John and his assistant, Hazel, left, fellowships began. Another round of picture taking.

Mike brought a booze, don't know what it was, with milk cream on top, just one shot for each of us...

Cheers! Kampai! Prost!

(Photo Credits: IPP Rose Antonio and Era Eguia)

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