Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Best talk by the Best President

Pres. Edwin Afzelius of RC Alabang, judged the "best president" of D3830 this RY, obliged to my request to be our club speaker. Last night, he came to our modest but wacky club.

Before I will share with you what classmate Edwin talked about, lemme ask you a little quezzion:
Is there a relationship between height and size of brain?
If so, what's that relationship -- directly proportional, inversely proportional, or tangentally disproportional?

Hah, I gotcha!
Now read on, and see the answer to the above quezzzion :-)

Edwin came around 7pm, and he blended well with my clubmates, especially with our PE Owe Lozada, in a fellowships that lasted for about 1 1/2 hours. Then I formally introduced him and asked him to talk what I asked him to speak -- about "club leadership".

Edwin has been a Rotarian for 20 years now. He's been a PP of RC Las Pinas, then moved to RC Alabang, and his fate being designed by the Gods elsewhere, he's been elected again to be a club President once more.

Before talking or revealing his "secret" to become the most outstanding club leader of our district this year, Edwin painstakingly narrated his experience how he transformed his past club with only 4 or 5 active members to one that reached 50+ members. The lesson shared with us by some of our past club speakers this RY, including our cluster AG Edgar Castillo and past Gov. Jimmy Cura, Edwin re-emphasized -- with plenty of members, things just fall into their places: projects, money, people attending district activities, etc. And if you have a club with a big membership base (RC Alabang has 62 members), how to get the most out of the talent and resources of each and every club member.

So, what's Edwin's "secret"?
Man, the guy talked for about 1 1/2 hours, and if I narrate to you what he talked, it should be about 5 pages long! But I have a short-cut and one-sentence answer to that question:
Invite Edwin to be your club speaker!

I think what separated Edwin from me and many other club Presidents, whether this RY or in other RYs, is his patience for DOCUMENTATION. He showed to our club his "Final Report" -- a 3 inches-thick (I think) folder that details each and every activity that he and his club participated, each and every contributions and funds raised by the club, complete with pictures, tables, and attachments!

I tell you guys, each one of us in our club who were listening to Edwin last night were shaking our heads wondering and admiring at the patience and amount of efforts made to compile such kind of report! For instance, in the first part of the report, is a table that looks like this:
Date on column 1; Activity on column 2; and Picture in column 3.
And there seems to be activities and pictures sometimes 6-7 days a week!
And that's only for the summary table.
In the succeeding parts or chapters of the Report, are more details, more descriptions, and more photos, of the projects that he and his club have undertaken, or participated along with other clubs.

And here's another gem of "secret" that Edwin shared: he participated ALL invitations by other clubs for joint activities! He never turned down a single invitation, whether it's golf tournament or Gawad Kalinga or anti-TB projects or plain joint meetings. Hah, had I known this, I would have asked him that his talk last night be a joint meeting between our club and his club, hahaha!

Edwin mentioned that there are some Presidents who claim to have undertaken lots of activities, but failed to document those, either in written reports or pictures. The claim could be true, but unless you have documented said activities, then proving that you indeed undertook such activity or project can be difficult. I was tempted to crack that in my case, I have lots of pictures but little projects! How come? Ahh, pictures of sexy babes, pictures of F1, tour de france, beaches, mountains and waterfalls, my baby and my wife, etc. Hehehehe.

So guys, have you figured out the answer to my simple quiz above?
Yeah, I guess so. And the answer iz....
height and size of brains, in Edwin's case, is directly proportional!
Yeah man!

My clubmates were very happy and very enlightened that Edwin shared those and many other thoughts with them last night. Salamat ulit, classmate!

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